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2022/2023 ICEHL Players

The ICEHL league has 11 hockey teams competing for the championship with a total of 288 registered players from all over the world. 46% percent of the players are Austrian, 18% Canadian, 8% Slovakian, 7% American, 5% Hungarian, 2% German, 2% Swedish,2% Slovenian,  2% Finnish and a couple of “exotic players are from Denmark, Latvia, Czech, England and Norway. 


Austrian - 45.5%

Canada - 17.8%

Slovakia - 7.9%

USA - 7.2%

Hungary - 5.5%

Italy - 5.1%

Germany - 2.4%

Sweden - 2.4%

Slovenia - 2.1%

Finland - 1.7%

Denmark - 0.7%

Latvia - 0.7%

Czech - 0.3%

England - 0.3%

Norway - 0.1%


The oldest player in the league is the 40 years old Philippe Lakos, defenseman for the Vienna Capitals. Philippe has been a member of the league since its modernisation of 2003 and has been a loyal player of the Capitals. Interesting fact that he is also the most penalized player in the league with 1616 minutes of penalty in 726 games. That is an average 2 minutes 14 seconds time in the penalty box per game.


The tallest player in ICEHL is Raphael Wolf with 199 cm height. Raphael is a defenseman for  the Villacher SV and this year is his 4th in the league.


The shortest player in ICEHL is Daniel Wachter with 164 cm height. Daniel is a forward for

the Villacher SV and this is his 6th year in the league.


The heaviest player is Martin Nemcik with 105 kg. Martin is a defenseman of the Bratislava Capitals and has won the Slovakian Extraliga championship with HC Banska Bystrica in 2018/2019.


The lightest player is Jonas Kail, aged 20 and weighing 57kg. Jonas is a defenseman of the Black Wings 1992.


The top scorer of the ICEHL league is Thomas Koch, a forward of the KAC during the 2020/2021 season. Thomas has in total 684 points in 751 games (also record high) out of which 232 are goals. Only Brian Lebler managed to score more goals than him (233) of the currently active players. 

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