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Where is Daniel Koger from ICEHL 2020/2021?

The fans of ICEHL will be surprised to see that Daniel Koger’s name is not on the roster of Hydro Fehervar AV19, or in any of the teams of the Austrian league.

The reason for this is a long lasting injury. According to the General Manager of Fehervar AV19, Viktor Szelig, Koger is going through a rehabilitation plan to fully recover from his injury from last year. The doctors say, the earliest he might be able to join the game again is going to be 2021 January. Despite his current status, his hometown team offered him a 2 year contract, which the Hungarian player did not accept even after numerous changes. Last year, Koger had a 1 year contract with Fehervar and had an almost complete season with 43 games and 6+14 points. The injury happened in Nottingham during the Hungarian national team’s qualification games for the olympics.

We would like to wish him a quick and complete recovery, and hope to see him soon on the ice of ICEHL!


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