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New name for the famous Central European hockey league EBEL!

According to a press conference held by the representatives of the Austrian-based championship, “Bet-at-home ICE Hockey League” is going to be the new name of the prestigious hockey league, ex-EBEL. The official abbreviation is not entirely clear yet as we can see two versions circulating in the press: ICE or ICEHL

Christian Feichtinger, CEO of the league, said: “In recent years, the league has grown into a top European championship. It was extremely important for us to create a new brand that is in line with our premium international product. The fresh start goes beyond the new logo and advertising tools. The ICE brand defines the overall identity that is jointly created by the league, the clubs and the partners. We look forward to the start of the new season on September 25th. Recent positive signals from the government and related mitigation will help us plan and prepare for the next season properly. ”

Besides the new name the league also introduced a new logo that not only represents the grounds of our favourite sport (ice) but it has a deeper meaning attached to it. This is how the introduction sounded like at the press conference: “Water freezes into hexagonal ice crystals, and each corner of the crystals is a feature of the ICE brand: internationality, stability, development, sportiness and a European and digital premium product. That is why ICE is not only an abbreviation for International Central European, but also highlights the unifying power of hockey.” This last sentence leads to the new motto of the league: “United by passion” The design of the league’s new brand, including their official website is here: and the logo can be seen below:

The league also got a new naming sponsor, AG, which is one of the biggest online betting portals in Europe. The league and the naming sponsor entered into an agreement for the next three years, with an additional two-year option.

Very good news to hear from the league and we wish them all the success for a healthy and exciting season!

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